A Photographic Essay

Nature photographer Frank Comisar has always had a deep love for the majesty of the outdoors, especially the American West. He preserves the incredible beauty of the natural world through the lense of his camera, creating images that are full of elegance and life.

Comisar was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, where he had a normal, happy childhood. He explains, “Like so many traditional families of that era, we lived for summer vacation. I have vivid memories of my parents loading me and my sisters into the backseat of the family Chevy and heading west each summer. We visited many of our Nation’s iconic National Parks and spent time camping, hiking, rafting, and taking pictures of these incredible places.”

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His father, though not a professional photographer, often had a camera in hand, capturing the beautiful scenery and wildlife they saw on these trips. His enthusiasm for nature and photography left a strong impression on Comisar, who also began to enjoy nature photography as a hobby.

As he grew up, Comisar continued to enjoy taking photographs on the rare occasions when he visited natural wonders like Yellowstone, Mesa Verde, and Glacier National Parks. However, he says, “I was not satisfied simply taking snapshots. I wanted more. I was not only interested in documenting my travels through photography but the artistic aspects of photography as well.” Even though he did not pursue it professionally initially, Comisar continued to cultivate his love for photography.e these emotions through my photography. My goal is to capture a moment in time that, when viewed in years to come, recalls the excitement and emotions of that moment. I know I’ve made a relevant photograph when it elicits a positive and emotional reaction from others.”

“I feel alive and energetic when surrounded by the flora and fauna of our natural world. I strive to communicate these emotions through my photography.”