Pampered in Luxury

The fresh aroma of relaxation embraces you as you step through the doors of Durango’s Woodhouse Day Spa, whisking you away from life’s everyday stresses.

You are greeted with a warm smile and led to your private locker where a cozy robe and slippers await you. Strip away any remnant of the outside world and immerse yourself in the calm and soothing atmosphere.

The “quiet room” is your first stop – an airy room with plush chairs, warm lighting and large windows overlooking the beautiful Animas River as it flows around the bend. Take a deep breath and start to relax with a warm lavender-infused neck wrap and a choice of infused water, tea or maybe a mimosa. This is a moment to really start settling into the full experience, even before your service starts.L1002810-HDR-Front Door SM

The feeling of a destination spa right in your backyard is the sensation that owner Leshia Terhune is proud to have achieved in the downtown location which was once Signature Spa.

Terhune and her husband, Arnold are fourth generation farmers from a small town in Texas. They had a second home in Durango for several years and had fallen in love with the friendly mountain town. Then one day Terhun visited her youngest daughter who was working as a massage therapist at a Woodhouse Day Spa in Austin, Texas, and an idea began to form.

“We loved Durango,” she explained. “It had everything except a high-end day spa. We felt we would be meeting a need here, so we took a leap of faith.”


She began envisioning this gem; a luxurious escape tucked away in the cozy, little town. As soon as she took that first step, doors started opening up all around her.

Over the coming months, everything seemed to fall into place with serendipitous ease, and in December of 2015 with a simple handshake the Signature Spa building changed owners and the transformation began.

The new idyllic getaway opened its doors in August 2016 and now boasts beautiful, deep, dark wood floors, intricate details and a weightless airy atmosphere with tons of natural light swimming through windows and around the new curved hallways.

Much like the experience of being in the spa itself, Terhune and her husband were whisked away from their farming life in the Texas panhandle and moved to Durango full time to run the spa together.

“I really believe that the Woodhouse spa will be one of those things that people want to check off their list when they come to Durango, like going to the train.” – Leshia Terhune, owner

Now, two years later, it has become so popular that they have visitors who come on a regular basis or every time they’re in town.

“I really believe that the Woodhouse Spa will be one of those things that people want to check off their list when they come to Durango, like going to the train,” Terhune said.

Whether for an hour or for a full, luxurious day, the spa is all about the experience. Once you’ve stepped inside, the options for relaxation are plenty. Choose from a wide array of award-winning and signature services including Minkyti facials, four-handed massages, seaweed wraps, hydrafacials, manicures and pedicures. There is a full menu to choose from and the spa has made sure to offer something for everyone on any sort of time constraint or pinched budget.


“I want people from all walks of life and any budget to be able to come here and feel comfortable,” Terhune explained. “Whether it’s someone who saved up for months or someone who’s coming in just for an afternoon to relax, everyone here is the same and everyone is welcome.”

Imagine after finishing the last sips of a comforting tea in the quiet room overlooking the Animas you’re escorted to an aromatherapy bath cure. Enliven the senses and rinse away the remaining remnants of the real world.

Once you’ve slipped back into your robe, be led to your next treatment. Drift away and let your muscles release under a seamlessly choreographed four-handed massage. Allow a sense of calm and well-being wash over you as your body is soothed and nourished in organic, aromatic oils. Follow with one of the Woodhouse Spa’s signature Minkyti facials which combines organic seaweed, deep hydration, exfoliation and facial massage.

Between services, meander from the dry sauna to the quiet room overlooking the river, or wander up to the new rooftop lounge area. Enjoy a refreshing glass of wine or champagne as you anticipate the next experience that awaits you in the spa below.L1003046-SM

Finish the afternoon with a reconditioning hand ritual and refining pedicure. These include massage, exfoliation and warm Atlantic seaweed leaves wrapped around your limbs to soften and hydrate while increasing circulation and reducing swelling.

Float back to your locker on dreamy feet and return to the everyday world calm and carefree. “I love what I do,” Terhune explained, “because everyone is always so happy and so relaxed when they leave. They always have a big smile on their faces and you know they enjoyed themselves.”

She loves interacting with her guests and making sure they truly enjoyed the entire experience in a way that gives them something to remember and take home with them after they leave.

“I think it’s so fun to watch people step outside and take their picture by the Woodhouse Day Spa sign because you know they are wanting to capture that memory and take it home with them,” Terhune said with a smile.

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Ideally, the experience will be something special for everyone and they’ll be able to enjoy a day, whether an anniversary, a birthday, or a regular Tuesday, that is as unique as the spa itself.

“Those sorts of things are really special and I want our guests to know that that’s what they get to do,” Terhune explained.

Anyone should have the spa on their list and then keep going back again and again.

“I love it so much, and I love how other people love it. I feel so blessed to get to live in beautiful Durango and be a part of such a wonderful place,” she said.

Story written by Jennaye Dirge | Photos provided by The Woodhouse Day Spa