Quality Through Craft

Who doesn’t love the idea of escaping to the mountains? The dream of cozying up in a small town inside a comfortable home is a pipe dream for some, but with a little help it is becoming a reality for many. Classique Builders, a local construction management firm in Durango not only understands the sentiment, but wants to share that feeling of a mountain town escape and adventure with everyone else.

The most recent owner of the nearly 25 year old Durango company, Frank Enea, moved here from the East Coast 12 years ago for those same reasons. He understands first-hand the love of playing and living in the mountains where the air is fresh and adventure runs deep like hiking, skiing and camping. After two kids and a lot of adventures, he and his family want to share these experiences and his expertise with others.

After graduating from Lafayette College in Philadelphia for Civil and Environmental Engineering, Enea worked with a prominent Philadelphia construction management firm where he worked on numerous projects including a Princeton University dorm renovation project that he managed. It was after this project when he decided to relocate to Colorado and expose himself to residential construction.

33 Lime Mesa Court,

“I feel as though my engineering background and having worked for multi-national corporate clients allows me to operate on a level of budget and schedule-driven practices that are not prevalent locally.” – Frank Enea

“I feel as though my engineering background and having worked for multi-national corporate clients allows me to operate on a level of budget and schedule-driven practices that are not prevalent locally,” Enea said. “I also feel my experience working with Princeton University contributed to my focus on detail and the clients’ needs which are paramount in home building.”

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Enea first started working for Classique about ten years ago and took over the company in 2013. Since then, his main goal has been to facilitate high expectations for clients on any budget and make everyone’s dream home a reality. He’ll cater to various needs including remote clients, people with busy schedules or picky palates, which he’s more than happy to work with. The company offers an eclectic portfolio of homes and renovations that are based off of a mix of engineering tactics that he practiced on the East Coast and mountain town models that make any of Classique’s buildings feel fresh and comfortable.

“On a personal level, I love the mountain modern mix. I like to mix rustic and reclaimed materials with more sleek and contemporary design, but that’s personal. As a company, we like to remain diverse and want to build any style for folks. We can build southwestern style houses, traditional mountain style houses and we’re doing a log structure right now. We like to build exactly what our clients want built.” Enea said.

Basically, Classique is ready to design models of homes from any sort of imagination or clientele from all walks of life. The core group of Classique is a small team of five who who work together to oversee projects and help the company thrive. All five have backgrounds in project management in construction and all love the southwest.

“We are a full design firm trying to keep the business small and efficient but we are still providing all the services. We are large enough to offer our clients volume discounts on materials and commodities that go into their projects…but we are small enough that we have maintained a highly personal experience, where your best interest is our best interest,” Enea said.

“We are trying to pull the best out of the bigger companies and the best of the smaller companies and remain this mid-sized company that provides the best of both.”

Mirador, Durango, CO

The Classique team offers help from start to finish including assisting clients with picking a plot of land to establish details that could potentially be overlooked including views, outdoor past-time activities, renewable energy opportunities, topography and any other structures that may be included in the home. In new constructions, after the plot is chosen and details are smoothed out, the Classique builder team connects with the crew who will be involved with the project including the architect, engineer and interior designer whom all help with designing the final structure.195 Snowden Drive

When the construction and design team is established and building begins, Classique acts as a hub of communication between the client and the team to make sure every desire and need is met throughout the entire process. They oversee quality and make sure every attention to detail is met with exceeding expectations.

There is a lot that goes into building a home and Enea and the Classique team want to make sure it’s as easy and seamless of a process as possible and hope that looking back on the experience will make for good memories.

“It obviously involves a large financial commitment, but also a commitment of your time and often your emotions, as everything that goes into your home is personal to you and your family.”

Although Enea believes that the word “quality” has lost its meaning and may be a bit overused, he still prides himself on the company’s desire to reach it at its highest. The houses and structures that the company prides itself on are made with tremendous attention to detail and a love for handcrafting projects that they can stand by and be enjoyed by for years.

“We really do enjoy what we do on a daily basis,” Enea said.

Story written by Jennaye Dirge | Photos provided by Classique Builders